Emergency Dental

    24 hour Hotline call or text at 505-507-2669 for your dental emergencies.
    24- Hour Emergency Dentist Hotline!

    24- Hour Emergency Dentist Hotline!

    24 hour Hotline call or text 505-507-2669
    We offer emergency dental care for Your urgent dental needs. Just walk in or give us a call.

    A Dental Emergency Strikes

    A Dental Emergency Strikes

    Dental emergencies can happen to anyone anywhere. This could be caused by an athletic activity, accident or while eating at a fast-food restaurant. If you or a loved one ever experience a dental emergency in Albuquerque and you can't wait for Business hours.

    Broken Teeth repaired now!

    Broken Teeth repaired now!

    The broken tooth, Often resulting from an accidental injury, sports injury, eating something hard or untreated cavities can cause a tooth to become brittle and break.

    Dental Services

    Emergency Dentist of Albuquerque offers a wide array of services in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

    Our Services
    Dental Braces, Teeth Cleaning
    Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening
    Veneers, Baby Teeth, Sleep Apnea
    Family Dentistry, General Dentistry
    X-rays and Implants, Pediatric Dentist

    24 hour call or text 505-507-2669

    Dental Treatments

    Emergency Dentist of Albuquerque offer adental treatments in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

    Our Treatments
    Bleaching for life
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Sleep Apnea Devices
    Emergency Dental care
    Implants and Veneers

    24 hour call or text 505-507-2669

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    When you need treatment you can rely on, you go to your family dentist in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

    We provide:
    Teeth Cleaning
    Teeth Whitening
    Family Dentistry
    General Dentistry
    Cosmetic Dentistry

    24 hour call or text 505-507-2669

    24 Hour Emergency Dental Services Albuquerque

    24 Hour Emergency Dental Services Albuquerque

    We all are aware that any dental emergency can occur at any time. Emergencies not only happen during the day but can also occur late at night. This can result in extreme pain as happen without any warning. Therefore, we at Emergency Dentist Albuquerque, provide 24 hours emergency service. Along with our routine check-ups, we also provide emergency dental services.

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    • Laser Dentistry

      Dental treatment procedures have been revolutionized in the recent past with the increasing use of lasers. Lasers have been previously employed in medical and surgical treatment procedures. The introduction of lasers for curing dental and oral diseases has led to minimally invasive techniques with least post-operative discomfort. Lasers accomplish best results with ease and simplicity. […]

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      What should I do for my Swollen & Bleeding Gums?

      Swollen and enlarged gums can cause problems in chewing, eating, drinking and speaking in your daily life. In addition to functional abnormalities, bleeding and inflamed gums can ruin your smiles. People feel handicapped during their presentations at work and during lectures in universities due to compromised condition of gums. Poor oral hygiene conditions and accumulation […]

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    • Conscious Sedation In Dentistry

      Modern dentistry puts special emphasis upon the provision of stress free and painless dental treatment procedures to elderly, adults as well as child patients seeking dental health care help from qualified dentists in the dental offices. Various methodologies and techniques have been employed over the years for achieving pain free conditions while performing different dental […]

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      Lesion Infiltration For Treating Discolored Teeth

      Cosmetic dental treatments have been revolutionized in the recent past. Dental health care professionals have been able to treat hard, resistant stain marks and discolorations which were considered permanent in the past. Prominent scar marks and discolorations involving the visible tooth surfaces are a continuous source of embarrassment. These conditions especially affect celebrities, females, students […]

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    • Child Dental Health Care

      People often ignore the importance of dental health care consultation for their infants, toddlers and small children. It is generally thought there is no need to opt for expensive dental treatment procedures for milk teeth due to their temporary stay in the mouth. Diseased baby teeth not only adversely affect your infant’s oral and general […]

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      Why Zirconia crowns are superior?

      Decayed, damaged and compromised natural teeth due to dental decay, accidents, trauma and injuries often necessitate the provision of full artificial covering dental restorations. Simple fillings are not sufficient for the restoration of lost structure and function of lost natural tooth structure. Dental crowns are advised by dental health care providers in such situations. However, […]

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    • Zirconia Dental Implants

      Dental implants have revolutionized the art and science of permanent and fixed replacement of missing and lost human natural teeth in the present era. Fixed dental bridges and removable dentures have been considered as the conventional replacement devices for empty spaces in your mouth. Removable artificial teeth have always been disliked by the majority owing […]

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